Phil Thornton has recently won a major business journalism award to go with two other awards won in recent years. The citations and the links to the articles are…

Winner, feature writer of the year
Work Foundation WorkWorld media awards 2009
‘For his wide-ranging, crisp and well-written pieces across a variety of different outlets’.

Winners of the 2009 Workworld Media Awards

Don’t stamp out success (Financial Director)

Waging War on Unemployment (Financial Director)

Gone with the Wind (Emerging Markets)

Highly commended
London Summit website e-Government National Awards 2009
‘This [was a] highly successful digital campaign strategy and plan, website build and digital engagement coordination. Half a million people viewed the website. Feedback was highly positive with 82% of respondents to a post-Summit survey reporting that they thought it was accurate.’

The e-Government National Awards 2009

Winner, print journalist of the year
Work Foundation WorkWorld media awards 2006
‘Philip Thornton has a knack for telling big stories crisply – someone who puts the needs of his readers first. His writing is stylish and thoughtful. He has recently embarked on a freelance career after a stint as economics correspondent for The Independent, and the judges wished him success.’

Winners of the Workworld media awards announced

The pain, and the profit, of $500bn market in tackling global warming (The Independent)

Commended, Royal Statistical Society
Award for Statistical Excellence in journalism
‘Your article set out an important and difficult problem with clarity. In addition, it was felt that it had been successful in communicating a subtle story without dumbing down.’

2007 Award for statistical excellence in journalism

Why the real rate of inflation is twice what the official figures tell us (The Independent)