Working with the CORE project on economics education; RES article

Phil has been working with the team behind the CORE Project, which promotes economics teaching motivated by addressing pressing real-world problems using the best economic
research. CORE had produced three textbooks, available free online to students, that show a new way of teaching and learning economics, using the best research to address the world’s most pressing problems.

The project’s websites highlights the 380 institutions across the world are using CORE in teaching 115,000 students each year. Phil has written profiles of several dozen institutions across the world. These include universities in the developing world such as the American University of Afghanistan, emerging market universities including the University of Cape Town, and longstanding advanced economy colleges such as the University of Oxford and Duke University in the US.

More recently, a new centre in the Department of Economics at University College London is being set up to develop novel research and education initiatives, focusing on the causes and consequences of wealth concentration. One aim of the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre on Wealth Concentration, Inequality and the Economy is to support the CORE Project.

The centre’s co-director is Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics at UCL and Director of
CORE. In an article for the January 2022 edition of the Royal Economic Society newsletter, she told Phil that the centre will have a very active visitor programme on the education and the research side, and every research activity is going to have an education component.

Co-director and also Professor at Economics at UCL, Imran Rasul, said that UCL can become a hub for new thinking about the deep underlying features of the economic system that drive
inequalities of different types, and for analysing what might be done about them.

The Centre will have resources to fund PhD students and post-doc positions, provide grants
for data and research projects, and finance visits to the other five Stone Centres in the US and France.