Adding colour with case studies for MCA awards

We contributed two casewstudies articles for The Times supplement to mark the MCA awards given the leading management consultants over the previous year. The awards were for projects that had given critical support to NHS hospitals, rebooted legacy blue-chip businesses and inspired public confidence in local police forces.

We told the story of two of those successes. PwC won the Digital Technology Award for the work it did helping Direct Line for Business attract customers from the small firms with 10 employees or fewer – plumbers, electricians and hairdressers who are are said to be the new nation of shopkeeprs. PwC partner Steven Gough told how he and his team worked with small firms to find out how to tailor a product to meet the specific challenges of this very complex market.

IBM won the Consumer Engagement award for helping Barclays reduce the attrition rate at the virtual branches that were being set up to replace a traditional call centres and which could dolve consumers’ problems from end to end. Ron Collins, IBM’s service line leader for data and analytics, used a study of 2,000 bank staff to see how long they stayed in a post, the reasons they left and what motivated them to stay.

The core finding was that long-stayers liked a structured lifestyle, were organised, had command of detail and were comfortable with regulations. As a result, Barclays changed
its recruitment procedures, and attrition rates came down.
The supplement is here (PDF).