Joining Oxford Economics after 14 years of consultancy

Almost 14 years to the day that I left The Independent newspaper in January 2007 to start a career as an independent writer, analyst, and consultant on economic and financial issues I have taken up a new role. I will be working four days a week as Economics Editor at Oxford Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis.

The role is to oversee and improve the accuracy, clarity, and presentation of itskey project deliverables across multiple formats — from professionally designed reports and infographics to PowerPoint presentations and short animated videos. I will get to work with senior project managers, economists, and econometricians to ensure their analytical insights are expressed as concisely and compellingly as possible.

I will be working four days a week (currently from home) and will use the remaining day to maintain Clarity Economics. The last 14 years have been an extraordinary journey enabling me to work for many companies, law firms, trade associations, and even the then-Foreign & Commonwealth Office in support of the G20 London Summit. I have also written for a range of newspapers and magazines.

I am sure that the next 14 years will be just as fulfilling.