Filling in on economic news and comment at The Independent

Phil was honoured to be asked to help with writing news stories and comment pieces for The Independent while it recruited an economics editor.

Working on a part-time basis he wrote several stories on the UK, US and eurozone economies as well as specific areas such as the housing market, social patterns and the coronavirus.

He also wrote a weekly column for the website’s Voices section on a range os issues including a number that put behind its Premium paywall. these included a piece on social inequality seen through the lens of the film Parasite, the negative potential of the government’s migration proposals, and the current housing crisis seen over his 20 years of reporting on the issue.

Opinion pieces in The Independent

Phil has been commissioned to write a weekly column on economics and related issues for The Independent news website.

The first column on 6 January looked at how Boris Johnson’s focus on getting Brexit done means that he is ignoring Britain’s parlous record on productivity – which is the real key to future long-term economic growth.

The second column on 13 January dismissed Domald Trump’s “greatest ever” trade deal with China and argued that the US president has declared war on the multilateral trade system by refusing to allow judges to be appointed to the World Trade Organization’s appeals court, so leaving the world vulnerable to ongoing tit-for-tat trade wars.